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Especially T lymphocytes Off-target effects Diagnose idiopathic DNA degradation BXV1 xenotropic retrovirus Synthetic operon Single-chain variable fragment Double-stranded break Stromal interaction Redox mediator Tryptophan synthase Engineered Pichia pastoris Nucleoid-associated proteins Mitochondrial transport protein Eco-friendly oxidation biocatalysts Bacterial display Membranous nephropathy Cas9 ribonucleoprotein complex Hoạt động của hộp số hai trục 4 cấp Feeder cells Reconstituted scFv treptomyces sp. hsn06 Gene knock-out Biotrickling filter Chemoenzymatic method Peptide display Flaxseed oil Chlorella vulgaris Glycoside hydrolases Molecular genetic manipulations Enzymatic property NGS technology Oil stability Cryo-stress Protein microarray Viral nanoparticles Malodorous gases CHO cell Flocculation activity Recombinant α-glucosidase CaPAO gene Oxygen deficiency Dental follicle stem cells Truncated plasminogen Antibody modeling Aquatic sample Rapeseed meal Aspergillus fumigatus R1 Harvest of microalgal biomass Gene stacking Overexpression-screen Hemagglutination assay B cell receptor Sexual stage Rheumatoid factor interference Thermus thermophilus TC11 Ecotoxicology especially Recombinant human microplasminogen Bohai bay Hapten docking Structural modelling Plasmonic gold Glutamate metabolism Plant-made vaccines Entry pathways Medaka cDNA library Multigene transformation Editing efficiency Bone regeneration on titanium implants Adeno-associated virus-DJ Demethylation epigenetic toxicity Human plasmin Hydroxy fatty acid Plastid targeting Co-cultivation Knock-in mice Atlantis II Deep brine pool Mussel adhesion H1299 cells Recombinant fusion protein Fluorescence enhancement Polymeric carbohydrates CDR length Cas9 genome editing system 5-keto-D-gluconate Cassava residues Maggot debridement therapy Universal calibrator Động cơ xăng 4 kỳ một xilanh Mutant Allium sativum Leaf Agglutinin Demethylation toxic equivalency Vanillin tolerance In vitro immunization Bovine serum Periplasmic protein expression Impacted molar Targeted gene integration Reactive dyes Aldehyde tag Engineer mammalian genomes

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Bone marrow regeneration, Furfural residues, Electrostatic potential, T-rich genome, Envelope domain III, L-(+)-tartaric acid, Fatty acid hydroxylase, Homologydirected mutagenesis, Low molecular weight protamine, Heavy metals tolerance, Heavily polluted Bohai Bay, Transcriptional transactivator, Verticillium dahliae, Copper-dependent enzymes, Tetanus toxoid fragment C, Co-transformation, Delayed drug release, L-arabinose isomerase, Growth factor treatment, Vanillyl alcohol, Plasma renin concentration, Công dụng rơ le máy đề, Adipocyte-specific secretory factor, Formylglycine-generating enzyme, Multiplex assay, Osteogenic markers, Mammalian cell line, Linear DNA cloning, Green liquor-hydrogen peroxide, ZZ domain, Muscle cell, Macaque monkey, Pyrroloquinoline quinone, Hydrolyze nitriles, Envelope glycoprotein, Gaussia princeps luciferase gene, Cas9 mRNA, RNA controls, Biophysiochemical properties, β-Tricalciumphosphate, Methylated resveratrol analogs, Biomass composition, Planar assay, Lupane-type triterpene, Biologically active ingredients, Phenolic released during, Dictyostelium discoideum, PEG-mediated transformation, Site-specific, Virus-like particle, Abundant renewable resources, D-tagatose, 20α-HSD, Intestinal disorders, Surveyor assay, Alternative antibiotic, Tetracycline transactivator, Respiratory chain, PP7 bacteriophage, Eukaryotic mRNA, Antibody fragment, Porous ceramics, Acid biosynthesis, Artificial biosynthetic pathway, Bead-based assay, Social amoeba, Intact human islets, Short interfering RNAs, Bio-inspired collagen films, Crude DNA solution, Crucial catalyst, Flax seedcake, Lentiviral plasmid, Multiplex gene editing, Bone Morphogenetic Protein - 2, Library screening, Functional metatranscriptomics, Metabolic network modeling, Neurotrophic factors, Neutralizing antibody, CHO-K1 cells, Downregulating inflammatory cascades, Human enteropeptidase light chain, Coliform detection, Cell cycle reentry, Arthrobacter nicotianae, Reporter genes, tRNA-processing, Total soil RNA dominated, Embryonated chicken eggs, Human CNTF, γ-Glutamyl transpeptidase, Islet physiology, Hydrolysis of cellulose, Protein-protein coupling, Ovine primary myoblast, Escherichia coli identification, Kluyveromyces lactis, Antibody-lectin sandwich arrays, Multiple siRNAs, Adeno-associated virus serotype 2, Microbiological safety, Highly thermostable GH39, Trichoderma harzianum SNRS3, Gelatin scaffold, Surface supercharging, Recombinant soluble expression, Protein cross-linking, Rat calvarial defect, Baking industry, Rhizomucor pusillus, Human articular chondrocytes, Adenoviral vector, N-glycans, Geobacillus sp., Arteriovenous loop, Substitution pattern, Multilinage potential, Spider silk, Plectosphaerella cucumerina, Antibody-lectin sandwich array, Inducible vector, Human microbial pathogens, Hydrolyzing xylo-oligosaccharides, Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, PHD inhibitor, Cartilage tissue engineering, Synthetic spidroin, Ethanol inhibition, Human influenza strain, Genomic engineering, GTP-binding protein Era, Multiplex real-time PCR NAD assays, N. benthamiana, Dimethyloxallyl Glycine, Waxy-grain sorghum, Application of carbohydrate-binding modules, Ginkgolide B, Biocontaminated HPW distribution systems, Thermobifida fusca Xyn11A, Active pharmaceutical ingredient, Optimizing therapeutic outcomes, Outstanding mechanical, Inducible promoter, HIF-α level, Ethanol removal, Allele-specific primer, Hydroxyethyl cellulose, Synechococcus elongatus PCC 7942, Bio-transformation, Human artificial chromosome, Biological water quality assurance, Knockout mouse, C-terminal His-tag, Selection stringency, Waxy genotype, Beta-amyloid, Glycosylated recombinant trefoil factor 1, Coprinus comatus, Biofuel precursors production, Measles Virus fusogenic protein, Group 1 grass pollen allergen, Pronuclear microinjection, Xylan acetylation, Whole-cell mass spectrometry, Dihydrofolate reductase, Xylanases degrade, Immune repertoire, Safety evaluation, Những quy định chung về luật dân sự, Chimeric protein, Giới thiệu về Stonehenge, α-linolenic acid, Brevibacillus choshinensis, Human blood mononuclear cells, Immune library, Alpha-glucuronidase, Alpha1-antitrypsin, Nghị định số 30/2020/NĐ-CP, Disease-modifying treatment, Freeze-thawing, Whole transcriptome amplification, Microcell-mediated chromosome transfer, Construction risk, Các giai đoạn hình thành Stonehenge, Tiểu luận Tự động hóa, Non-classical, Trefoil factor 1, Treasury bond rates, Firm level analysis, Double-nicking, IgE-hyporeactive molecule, 4-O-methylglucuronic acid, Kỳ quan thế giới thời Trung cổ, Phosphatidylcholine-diacyglycerol interconversion, Tài sản và quyền đối với tài sản, Hyperbolic distance function, Hệ thống điều khiển công đoạn nghiền liệu, Conditional distribution, Proinflammatory monocytes, Codon deoptimization, APEC’s countries, Public sector lender of last resort, Ký ban hành văn bản, International construction, Xylan degradation, Exchange rate exposure of Indian firms, Productivity change, Markowitz classical mathematical, Lối kiến trúc trilithon, Quyền đối với tài sản, Weak form market efficiency, Johansen cointegration test, Dây chuyền nhà máy xi măng La Hiên, Electronic industries of Taiwan and US, Giả thuyết về Stonehenge, Taxpayer-funded central bank, Feedstocks for biofuels, Autocorrelation test, TYDL augmented VAR procedure, Stable TGARCH, Influences of internationalization, Dây chuyền nhà máy xi măng, Productivity change from hyperbolic distance function, Bond market behavior, Runs test, Return volatility relationship, Dividend among the electronic industries, Financial ratio’s AAG rate, Firm conduct-performance, Earning quality, Selected Asian stock markets, Istanbul stock exchange national, Performance of islamic banks, Capped call, Weak-form of market efficiency, Nondiscretionary accruals, Corporate liquidity holdings, Conventional banks in GCC region, Bank lending decisions, Corporate debt financing and earnings quality, Interest rate behaviour, Perpetual bermudan options, Internal finance, Corporate liquidity demand, Bank loan inefficiency, Listing rules, Perpetual American options, Influence corporate liquidity holdings, Listing requirements, GCC countries, Optimal exercise boundary, Traditional banks performed, Debt maturity and growth, US banking, Listed islamic, Listing standards and IPO performance, Collocation methods, Structured bond, IPO performance, Long-run relation between interest rates, Integral equation methods, Weather important for US banking, Gossypol biosynthesis, Long-run relation, Fair price, Community structure and diversity, Grain water content, Plant grafting, Pericarp thickness, Nitrogen application level, RopGEF-mediated ROP signaling, Model price, Aegilops sharonensis, Grain dehydration rate, SLAF tags, Homoeolog buffering, Catalpa bungei, Rice physiology, Nitrogen deposition, Isoform-level function, Greek demons is the attack, Single sigmoid pattern, The Yellow River Delta, Ascorbic acid-glutathione cycle, Alien segment carrying leaf rust, Synthetic wheat, Architectural transcriptional factor, Interactor of constitutive active ROPs, Floral pigmentation, Long-term stress, Scavenging activity, NaBiF4 nanoparticles, miRNA-mediated networks, Uptake and transport, Low-copy nuclear gene, Isoform-level features, Gene regulation network, Polyploid plant species, Burial depth, Arabidopsis homologues, Membrane asymmetry, Barley stripe mosaic virus, Stripe rust resistance in wheat, Pretilachlor detoxification ability, Seed aging, Cream color, Length distribution, Vine tea, Toxic element, Plant collections, Light quality, Low-nitrogen stress, Tissue-specific alternative splicing events, ROS metabolism, Strawberry fruits exhibit, Biomass decreased, Synthetic hexaploid wheat line, Metabolome and transcriptome analyses, Whole growth period, Resistance mechanism, Octoploid strawberry, Perennial woody plants, Semi-arid grassland, C2H2 zinc finger proteins, Bud’s fate, Nitrate reductase genes, GSH cycle, A rate-limiting step, Single polymorphic nucleotides, Epigenetic change, CO2 assimilation, Nutrient balance, ABA signaling, Arsenic-contaminated paddy soil, Transcriptome analyses, Dual translocation line, Sodium nanoparticles, LncRNA regulates tomato fruit cracking, Potato X virus, Pear breeding, Functional characterization, Economic trait, Temporal biosynthesis pathway, Cleome gynandra, Root cell wall, Mitochondrial malate dehydrogenase, Nutrient depletion zone, Secale africanum, Canker disease, ABA sensitivity, Podosphaera aphanis, Carbon scarcity, Genomic rearrangement, DNA demethylation, MEP pathway, Persian walnut, Xylem cell differentiation, Fr ratio uncoupling, Leaves and roots, Psathyrostachys huashanica, Fruit crops worldwide, Hormone-redox-cell wall network, Modulated 820 nm reflection, SNF-related Kinase 1, Angelica dahurica, Biochemical pathway, Complex molecular regulatory networks, PR genes, Promoter activation, Plant physiological, Essential organelles, Maternal inheritance, 4-coumarate-CoA ligases, Mineral element contents, Sucrose feeding, Soybean plants, Rhizobium susceptible zone, Including chalcone synthase, Walnut yield, Leucine-rich-repeat genes, Deoxyxylulose 5-phosphate synthase, Waxy starch, Gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase, Single nucleotide polymorphism array, Anthocyanins and procyanidins, Sinapyl alcohol, Populus simonii×P. nigra, Integrative omics analysis, Thermo-sensitive genic male sterility, Branched-chain-amino-acid aminotransferase, Auxin efflux, Nucleo-cytoplasmic interaction, Fusarium head blight, phyto-hormone auxin, Nuclear genome encodes, Croton draco, Genome type, Wild peanut, Methylerythritol 4-phosphate

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