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Số 1976/2019/QĐ-TTg Quyết định 2389/2019/QĐ-CTN Quyết định 2908/2019/QĐ-BTNMT Quyết định 1803/2019/QĐ-TTg Quyết định 2681/2019/QĐ-BTC Quyết định 3228/2019/QĐ-BTNMT Số 3263/2019/QĐ-BTNMT Số 7417/2019/QĐ-UBND Số 2796/2019/QĐ-BTNMT Số 2573/2019/QĐ-BTC Số 2916/2019/QĐ-BTNMT Quyết định số 2681/2019 Quyết định số 2389/2019 Quyết định số 1803/2019 Quyết định số 2908/2019 Quyết định 5300/2019/QĐ-UBND Số 3228/2019/QĐ-BTNMT Số 2681/2019/QĐ-BTC Số 2908/2019/QĐ-BTNMT Quyết định 2794/2019/QĐ-BTC Số 2389/2019/QĐ-CTN Số 1803/2019/QĐ-TTg Quyết định số 5300/2019 Quyết định 2791/2019/QĐ-BTC Quyết định 2497/2019/QĐ-BTNMT Số 5300/2019/QĐ-UBND Số 2794/2019/QĐ-BTC Số 2791/2019/QĐ-BTC Số 2497/2019/QĐ-BTNMT Phong trào thi đua cán bộ Carbonyl reductases Endogenous promoter Acoustic stimulation Error-prone PCR Ethyl 4-chloro-3-oxobutanoate Keto-deoxy-D-Glucarate Osteoarthritis rats Corynebacterium glutamicum Avian influenza virus A NS1 protein Cell priming Site-directed mutation β-lactams antibiotics Acinetobacter baylyi Pyruvate kinase Streptomyces lividans Kinetic properties Pardosa pseudoannulata Mouse immunization Embryonic body Chronic disabilities Site-saturation mutagenesis Mythimna separata Succinic acid Chicken blastodermal cells Comamonas testosteroni ES cells Acidic pectinase HEK cells Manganese peroxidase Matrix protein 1 Catalytic efficiency Differential scanning fluorimeter E8 medium Yeast expression system Cryptococcus humicola Polaromonas naphthalenivorans Antarctic fungus Gene reconstitution Bacillum thuringiensis Aldehyde-deformylating oxygenase Monascus anka Anti-pathogenic crops Intracellular uptake Aggregated SCNT Neural cell adhesion molecule Kinetic constants Calmodulin-binding domain Gaussia luciferase Single-primer PCR Protoplast isolation Germ cell differentiation High level expression Panicum hallii Pollen dispersal Extractive fermentation Intracellular release Acetolactate synthase Double-stranded RNAs Abnormal gene expression Vector instillation β-N-Acetylglucosaminidase Whey permeate ER intrabodies Acetyl-CoA synthetase Unusual acylation Arthrobacter humicola Transgenic yeast Non-chromatographic purification Kinesin13 subfamily

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High-throughput cloning, Fibroblast growth factor 21, Transient expression system, Stable cell line generation, Artificial chromosome vector, Panicum virgatum, Orange-fluorescent protein, Pigment profile, Acoustic cavitation bioeffects, Site-specific recombination, Synechococcus elongatus PCC7942, Chlorsulfuron resistance, Somatic cell nuclear transfer, Polysialic acid cell surface expression, N-Acetylglucosaminide tolerance, Milk-resulting cheese, Human Fas ligand, Purified bioflocculant, 2A-luciferase sequence, Lignocellulosic hydrolysates, Endocrine-acting hormone, Obligate outcrosser, Visualized microarray, Factor VIII, Potent antibiotic, New yellow pigments, Suspension culture, In vitro ultrasound bioeffects, Tyrosine recombinase, Intragenic selectable marker, Donor cells, Functional analyses, Emerald Luc, Xenograft tumor mouse model, Bacterial biocatalyst, Elastin-like polypeptides, Extracellular domain, Sewage waste water, Split ubiquitin, Cry proteins, GM rice, Cellular bioeffects of ultrasound, α-Lactoalbumin, L. enzymogenes, Kinesin gene GhKIS13A1, Treat diabetic nephropathy, Somatic cell selection, Serine recombinase, The venom apparatus, Zymomonas mobilis, Enzyme engineering, Site-specific conjugation, Flocculating activity, Xylose fermentation, Extracellular terminus, Tandem-core, Ultra-high temperature treated, Functional protein, GM safety, Monomer composition, Bt protein, GroEL-GroES chaperonins, Cytoplasmic terminus, Light induction, Receptor-binding activity, Slime molds, Long alpha helix, Released peptide, Displayed cytotoxicity, Transgenic potato, Starch binding domain, Medaka tcf3 gene, Endogenous viral element, tcf3 in medaka embryos, Spodoptera frugiperda Sf-RVN, Peptide nucleic acids, Engineered tendon, Absolute quantitation, Inhibit mRNA activity, Western corn rootworm, Label-free quantification, PCR product, microRNA isolation method, Reticulitermes speratus, Lower limit of quantitation, CRISPR-Cas9, Thermostable phosphotriesterase-like lactonase, Biotechnological perspective, Knock-in, Read-through activity, β-ionone, Biological scaffolds, T-vector, Metabolism manipulation, Sinorhizobium meliloti, Tetanus toxin fragments, miRNA-based therapy, Circulating microRNAs, GHF9 endoglucanse, In vivo electroporation, Ultra-filtration membrane-based purification, Hirudin’s N-terminus, Amebic cysteine protease, Nonsense-mediated mRNA decay, Consensus concept, Bcl-2 fusion proteins, Single-stranded RNA, Dihydro-β-ionone, Dictyoglomus thermophilum, Carrying functional cells, Heavy ion mutagenesis, Future clinical trials, Blunt-end ligation, Engage thrombin’s active, Cyclodextrin glycosyltransferase, Oviductal Nucleic Acids Delivery, Canine cancer, Iron-containing dioxygenases, Glomerular hypertrophy, Typha latifolia, Retrograde axonal migration, Sulfolobus solfataricus, Cytosolic oxidative folding, Enoate reductases, Edible filamentous fungi, Tyr gene allele, TP53-knockout canine cells, Adeno-associated viruses, Benefit ratio, Xylose tolerant, Octyl gallate, Acid hydroperoxides, Triplicated hydroponic bioreactor treatment units, Chemical chaperones, Artemisinic aldehyde reductase, Parageobacillus thermogluosidasius, Neurospora intermedia, Electrospun PCL-collagen I-nanofibers, Chondrocyte maturation, Homologous structural comparison, Extracellular expression, Cas9 vector system, Cre-LoxP system, Germline transmission, Non-human primate, PC-12 cells, Hydrolyzing activity, Antibody genes, Particularly γ-CGTase, Anti-N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor encephalitis, Alkaline pectinase, Bioprocess optimization, T cell engineering, Oxygen transfer rate during, Luciferase immunoprecipitation systems, Protein secretion, Role of resveratrol, Autologous chondrocyte transplantation, Mouse testis injection, TP53 gene-targeting guide RNAs, B cell receptors, Cell autolysis, Metabolic annotation, Recombinant Adeno-associated virus, Mycelial pellet morphology, Off-targeting, High-thermostability phytases, Chimeric antigen receptor modified T cells, L-phenylalanine, Diploid wheat, luciferase-linked antibody capture assay, Myogenic differentiation, p38MAPK pathways, Spontaneous emulsification, Protease inhibition, Precise genetic editing, Screening Bacillus tequilensis, Myoid cell, Modified phospholipids, Pythium irregulare, Repeated-batch culture, Skeletal myoblast, Current vaccines, Filamentous organisms, Peptide hydrolysate, Immature embryos, Serum-free media, Genome engineering, Antibody detection, Pseudovirus-based systems, Long adapter single-stranded oligonucleotides, Blister beetles, Autoimmune encephalitis, HIV protease inhibitors, Leydig cell, Phospholipids modification, Crosslinked flagella, Cell sheet preservation, Bioenergy feedstock, Streptomyces natalensis, Antigen-antibody, Rare Actinomycetes, Genomic libraries, Physical stability, Glycosylated sites, Stable transformation, Scaffold-free construct, Mutation enrichment, Transient protein expression, Inflammasome activation, Abundant biomass, Integrating vectors, Total alcohols, Off-target detection, Rift Valley fever virus, Ovulation rate, Essential gene, α-Retrovector, Steroid catabolism, Antifungal polyene macrolide antibiotic, Multiplex cloning, Cherry vinegar fly, Dichromate oxidation method, Self-assembling, TG1 integrase, SIN γ-retrovector, Gene silencing suppressors, Transgene inheritance, Rotten wood, Chimeric antigen receptor, Chorionic gonadotropin, Cry8-like, Multicopy gene, Heterotopic implant model, Plant production, Xylose metabolism, Phaeodactylum tricornutum, Protospacer Adjacent Motif, Heparinase I, CRISPR-mediated gene, Insect transgenesis, Polyhedrin self-aggregates, Electroporation-mediated transformation, R4 integrase, 9α-hydroxyandrostenedione, Determine alcohols, Shake-flasks, Pancreatic β cell lines, Food-grade L. lactis, P. pastoris, Cotton boll weevil, Bacillus methylotrophicus, Cell engineering, Holotrichia parallela, Cadmium absorption, Associated gRNA, Artificial mitochondria transfer, Modern genome engineering, Foreign DNA, High CO2 concentration, Immuno-precipitation, Cyclina sinensis, Cofactor balance, Pregnant ruminants, Incorporates foreign proteins, Adenovirus 5 vector, Carbohydrate binding module family 20, Luciferase assay, Peptide synthesis, EndoC-β H2 cells, Molecular entomology, GM plant, Tissue survival, Lactuca sativa, Soybean peroxidase, Microbial strains, Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats, Bacillus thuringiensis endotoxin, Small molecule switch, Peanut intercropping systems, Large T-DNA, Cas9 system, Phospholipase A2 receptor 1, Human hematopoietic cells, Cyclic voltammograms, Bait DNA, Primary allogeneic mitochondrial mix, Particle system facilitate, Immunomodulatory fungal sphingolipid, Detergent formulations, Cellulosic biomass degradation, Origin of carbon skeleton, Metabolic flux analysis, Rat insulin promoter, 3D printed β-TCP/HA, Noninvasive DNA isolation, Spotted Wing Drosophila, Engineered nuclease, Multiplex qPCR, Loss-of-function, Transgenic soybean, Xenogeneic silencers, S-phenyl-L-cysteine, Aspergillus carbonarius, Monocot transformation, Especially T lymphocytes, Off-target effects, Diagnose idiopathic, DNA degradation, BXV1 xenotropic retrovirus, Synthetic operon, Single-chain variable fragment, Double-stranded break, Stromal interaction, Redox mediator, Tryptophan synthase, Engineered Pichia pastoris, Nucleoid-associated proteins, Mitochondrial transport protein, Eco-friendly oxidation biocatalysts, Bacterial display, Membranous nephropathy, Cas9 ribonucleoprotein complex, Hoạt động của hộp số hai trục 4 cấp, Feeder cells, Reconstituted scFv, treptomyces sp. hsn06, Gene knock-out, Biotrickling filter, Chemoenzymatic method, Peptide display, Flaxseed oil, Chlorella vulgaris, Glycoside hydrolases, Molecular genetic manipulations, Enzymatic property, NGS technology, Oil stability, Cryo-stress, Protein microarray, Viral nanoparticles, Malodorous gases, CHO cell, Flocculation activity, Recombinant α-glucosidase, CaPAO gene, Oxygen deficiency, Dental follicle stem cells, Truncated plasminogen, Antibody modeling, Aquatic sample, Rapeseed meal, Aspergillus fumigatus R1, Harvest of microalgal biomass, Gene stacking, Overexpression-screen, Hemagglutination assay, B cell receptor, Sexual stage, Rheumatoid factor interference, Thermus thermophilus TC11, Ecotoxicology especially, Recombinant human microplasminogen, Bohai bay, Hapten docking, Structural modelling, Plasmonic gold, Glutamate metabolism, Plant-made vaccines, Entry pathways, Medaka cDNA library, Multigene transformation, Editing efficiency, Bone regeneration on titanium implants, Adeno-associated virus-DJ, Demethylation epigenetic toxicity, Human plasmin, Hydroxy fatty acid, Plastid targeting, Co-cultivation, Knock-in mice, Atlantis II Deep brine pool, Mussel adhesion, H1299 cells, Recombinant fusion protein, Fluorescence enhancement, Polymeric carbohydrates, CDR length, Cas9 genome editing system, 5-keto-D-gluconate, Cassava residues, Maggot debridement therapy, Universal calibrator, Động cơ xăng 4 kỳ một xilanh, Mutant Allium sativum Leaf Agglutinin, Demethylation toxic equivalency, Vanillin tolerance, In vitro immunization, Bovine serum, Periplasmic protein expression

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