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Positioning nucleosomes Finding peaks Concept recognition Biomedical information extraction Presenting several complex Modular framework Sentence splitting Local index of significance Modeling SNP dependence Protein analyses GO structure Biological analyses Orphan diseases Antagonistically modulated Human disease genes Orphan genetic diseases Gene perturbation experiments High-throughput microscopy RNAi time-lapse movies Analyze cellular dynamics Functionally related genes Requires automated methods Mitocheck database Automatic processing Phenotypic fingerprints High-throughput time-lapse imaging assay SiRNA screening Mitosis regulation Differential equation modelling Mitocheck project Heterozygosity excess Complex biological pathways play Sweepstakes reproduction Marginal associations Variance in reproductive success Model multiple Demographic bottlenecks Modeling priors Multiple transcript isoforms RNA-Seq experiments Alternative transcript isoforms Analyze splicing Gigantic biological data Genome sequences scaffolding Salmonid fishes Diploid organisms Phylogenetic comparative analyses Multi-faceted annotations Phylogenetic investigations Gene-cancer relations Molecular phylogenies Non-recombining portion Transcriptome data Y haplogroup analyses Protein-coding gene sequences Phylogenomics workflow Genealogical reconstruction NTF2-like superfamily Phylogenomic analyses Population genetic analyses Biological trials Variant call format Sequenced transcriptomes Ligand-binding Cheminformatic models Pyruvate kinase inhibitors Leishmania mexicana Distance methods Reconstruct evolutionary history Deinococcus radiodurans Probabilistic alignment Phenotypic dissimilarity LUD domain family Image-based high-throughput screening Human gut microbiome Proteins perform Protein location 3D-information Heterodimeric protein complex Heterodimeric protein complexes Protein amyloidogenicity Beta zipper configuration Virus quasispecies Quasispecies diversity Disease epidemiology Synthetic Genetic Array Systematic examination Identify genetic interactions Epigenomic epidemiology Modern sequencing experiments Probabilistic assignment Analytics framework Ambiguous fragments Modern biological science generates Compact binary format Wormtable stores data DNA methylation particularly Human genome function Genome function Human phenotypes

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Significance analysis plays, Probabilistic modeling of tumor development, Mutations during tumor genomes, Ion mobility, Identifying mutator genes, Data alignment, Cell generations, High-throughput quantitative proteomics, Attenuation correction, Confocal microscopic data, Isoform switching, Entire transcriptome, Library preparation, Expression estimation, Acidothermus cellulolyticus, Asp-zincins, Aspartic acid, Zinc ion, Oral cancer prognosis, BC-loop, Damerau-Levenshtein distance, Mathematical oncology, Linear space, PD-L1 induces allosterically, Handling noisy, String correction, Transposition operations, Residual dipolar coupling, Computational identification of biomarker, Filter tool, Lung cancer biomarkers, CD8+ T cell epitope, Non-treatment studies, In silico trials, Impact factor, Treatment studies, PCPS immunoproteasome cleavage model, Repeating individual, Multi-drug therapy protocol, PCPS predictions, Negatively associated, Human individuals, Pandemic emergence, Cancer RNA-Seq, Library size, Mixture of regression models, Transcribed mutations, Epigenomic association studies, Fundamental factor, Human disorders, Whole slide images, Family studies, Chemical-gene interaction, Pathway enrichment, Diacylglycerol kinase, Inter-rhabdomeral space, Immunohistochemistry images, Graph convolutional network, Eyes shut, Geneticist trying, Rigid registration, Transcriptional noise, Gaining biological insights, Uterine luminal epithelium, Multiple generations, Integrated multi-relational graph, Diagnosis tumours, Biological tube, Pathway enrichment methods, Blood vessel 3D reconstruction, Type II diacylglycerol kinases, Novel therapeutic targets, Bulk sequencing, Visualize pedigrees, Cytological details, Multi-scale attention, Accurately visualize, Postmortem degradation, Annotation tool, Shiny web application, Pediatric cancers, RNA-Seq fusion, Medaka fish, Cytoplasmic dynein heavy chain 2, Pathological stem, Neural tube, Xenopus oocytes, Human neuroblastoma, Progenitor cell self-renewal, Human dental pulp, Preimplantation embryos, Cell-based therapies, Postnatal dental pulp stem cells, Stemness maintenance, Ocular vasculature, Heterochromatin protein 1, Hyaloid vessels, Calcium wave, Enamel knot, Preimplantation embryo, Intraocular hyaloid system, Color pattern development, Tooth development, Adult echinoderms, Choroidal vessels, Embryonic genome activation, Mouse molar, Junonia orithya, Nasal radial vessel, Mitotic kinase, Myc inhibits, Sprouty genes, Physical damage, Supernumerary tooth, Integrative microscopy, Periostracal groove, Mantle margin morphogenesis, Nodipecten nodosus, Cancer microbiome, Computational frameworks, Microbiological infections, Vulval development, Developmental timing, Nomarski microscopy, Reference miRNA, During mammalian embryogenesis, Germinal vesicle, Transcription factor AP-4, Cellular branching, Supply oxygen, Whole mount in situ hybridisation, Lymnaea stagnalis, H2B-Venus, Muscleblind-like 1, Extragonadal teratoma, Congenital heart defect, Reporter mice, Mediator complex, XEN cells, Cardiac mesoderm, BAF complex, Pluripotent cells, Primitive endoderm, Ts65Dn mouse, Primitive streak, Craniofacial defect, Trisomic backgroun, Visceral endoderm, Somitogenesis-stage embryos, Jaw development, SoxF gene, Primitive endoderm cells, Lineage-tracing system, 2A peptide, Myofiber number, Distinct mesoderm origins, Development time frames, Myogenic cells originate, Stock farming, Limb skeletal muscles originate, Mesenchymal stem, Progenitor cells capable, Homogeneous progenitor cell, Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy, Mammalian embryos, Adherent cells, Blastomere isolation, Blastomere attachment, Persistent truncus arteriosus, Embryonic brain, Epicardial cell, In vivo blastocyst, Size control, Myocardial cell, Bovine-embryo specific array, Salamanders regenerate, Cell differentiation including, Contractile myocardium, Ambystoma maculatum, Epicardial progenitor cells, Cells displaying, Myocardium during, BMP receptor, Dorso-ventral patterning, Homologous transcription factors, Plays multiple roles, Embryonic organ, Schmidtea mediterranea, Annelid neoblast, Testes somatic stem cells, JAK/STAT signaling, Developmental dynamics, Genetically tractable, Amnion epithelial cells, BMP signaling pathway, Pinctada fucata, Cell lineage, Poly-L-Ornithine, BMP-2 signaling pathway plays, Neonatal CMs, Amniotic fluid stem cells, 4D-microscopy, Embryoid bodies, Duodenal homeobox-1, Molluskan shells, Gene coexpression network, Brain transcriptome, Human brain development, Tooth size, Modulate defense, Drosophila dopamine 1-like receptor, Skin fibrofolliculomas, Tooth volume, Neural ectoderm, DA synthesis, Multiple lung, Oral ectoderm, Tooth morphogenesis, DA receptors, Kidney cysts, Pituitary precursor, Bmp7 during morphogenesis, Including during, Pluripotent stem cell, Duo-gland system, Marine adhesion, In vitro differentiation, Superresolution microscopy, Adhesive organs, Macrostomum lignano, Light-sheet illumination, Mutational goat, Selective plane illumination microscopy, Hedgehog signalling pathway, Maritigrella crozieri, Signalling pathway, Promoting muscle growth, Stereotypical spiral, Transcription activator-like effector nucleases, Overexpressing GLI2, Fiji platform, Proton pump, Sea urchin, Epithelial mesenchyme tissue interactions, BMP-SMAD signalling, Left-right asymmetry, Invertebrate biology alike, Sprouting angiogenesis, Symmetry breakage, Elucidate gene function, Tubule morphogenesis, Valve development, Left-right organizer, Phenotype switching, Glomerular cysts, Asymmetric nodal induction, Stochastic expression, Wnt11 knockout embryos, Cell-cell connections, Cell sheet bending, Cell sheet folding, Cytoplasmic bridges, Rel homology domain, Human congenital diseases, Xenopus tropicalis, Frontal-parietal bone apposition, Human heart, Cardiac cell proliferation, Epigenetic processes, Homeobox genes encode, Biological processes including, Embryonic cell, Spawning upstream migration, Coilia nasus, Yangtze River, Pituitary-gonad axis, Spawning migration, Wing development, Vertebrate orthologs, Histochemical analyses, Mature adults, Sea urchin body plan development, Cranial neural crest, Unique embryonic cell type, Distinct migratory streams, Mosaic transgene expression, Adrenal cortex lineages, Time-lapse imaging, Epiblast-like cells, Epiblast stem cells, Ground state, Pluripotency defines, Runx1 proteins, Translational start site, Runt-related transcription factors, Human leukemogenesis, Solea senegalensis, Thermal programming, Centrosome attracting body, Holt-Oram syndrome, PEM transcripts, Tbx5 deficiency, Human growth hormone, Several abnormal phenotypes, Mid-hindbrain area, Immunofluorescent stainings, FK506-binding protein, Tetratricopetide receptor, Transient receptor potential, Peptidyl-prolyl isomerase, Ryanodine receptor, FKBP family proteins, Embryonic transcriptome, Dynamic regulation of transcripts, Honeybee development, Sex-sorted semen, Dmrt2a transgenic, Negligible phenotype, Dmrt2a overexpression, Left-Right Organiser, Somitogenesis-related processes, Kindlin-2, Human placenta, Integrin-mediated signaling, Courtship learning, Alanine mutants, H3K23 acetylation, Pre-adult development, Adult emergence rhythm, Pupation rhythm, Cyclic environmental factors, Phospho-mad, Daughters against Dpp, Genes decapentaplegic, Juvenile hormone, Parasteatoda tepidariorum, Homeobox genes, NK genes, NK-linked genes, Velvet worms, Synchronous arrangement, Oogenesis process, Mouse embryos, Adrenocortical cells, Steroidogenic cells, Mental gland, Bovine embryos, Insulin-like peptide, Lineage segregation, Soybean pod borer, WNT inhibitor, Adult females, MEK signalling plays, Hemocoelic injection, Pro-proliferative, C. briggsae, Anti-apoptotic glycoprotein, WNT asymmetry pathway, Seam cell, Heterochronic development, Ten eleven translocation, Genome-wide assessment, Rotary cell culture system, Microgravity conditions, Modifier gene, O-Fucose, Homozygous Notch, Maturation promoting factor, Immature mammalian oocytes, Inhibitory phosphorylation, Maternal-tozygotic transition, Hybrid nuclei, Genus Ambystoma, Unisexual mortality, Oocyte-specific maternal factors, Maternal-to-zygotic transition, Microscopic organisms, Multiple species, Tardigrade physiology, Rab proteins, Rab GTPase family, Silicon analysis, Phylogeny analysis, Differentiation antagonizing non-protein coding RNA, Periodontal ligament stem cells, In vivo safety, Chemically defined hydrogel, Human pancreas organoid, Electrochemical gradient, Drosophila ovarian follicles, DAPT downregulated transcription, Embryonic pre-implantation, Chemosensory bristles, Wg signaling, Wg secretion, Drosophila tissue, Membrane-associated guanylate kinase, Moderate morphogenetic, F-actin dynamics, Neural fold closure

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