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Frolicher–Nijenhuis theory Semisymmetric hypersurface Hopf algebra Bi-starlike Invariant curve Le-semigroup conformal submersion Local finiteness K-defect polynomials Molev’s dual Silhouette curve Irreducible characters vanish Multipoint problem Artinian ring Crossed module of algebras Mobius strip Reversibility problem Weak w 2−stability Rings considered Random process generated Green function Topological generalized groups Suitable assumptions Metallic shaped hypersurfaces Difference cordial labeling Rectifying curves Green algebra Pointwise slant submersion Gauss curvature N-dimensional maps Finiteness conditions Left ideal element Isometric N -Jordan operator Singularly perturbed Bi-Bazilevic General helix Irreducible character Coprimely structured ring Klein bottle Free crossed module 2-Component Degasperis–Procesi system Linear codes Data dependency Invariance principle Projective R-modules Matrix summability Cebysev functional Dickson polynomial Arbitrary dimensional Moore–Penrose inverses Complete graph Second Hankel determinant Weighted shift operator Right ideal element Nonlinear differential equations Arbitrary monoids Hexagonal lattices Zero of character Quadratic nonresidue Supporting cone Nonself mappings Special transformation Projective crossed module Generalized fractional integral Strongly 0-dimensional rings Gruss inequality Pointed rank Canal surface Group rings Spliced sequences Derivation-homomorphism Normal elements Euclidean rings Orthogonal complement Covers of groups Complete bipartite graph Randic index Point-wise slant submanifold Dynamic Shum inequalities Local field Ideal element High-order method Poincare chaos Monotone increasing function Sufficient conditions Sawada-Kotera equation Weak subdifferential Riemann–Liouville fractional integral Characteristic method Ostrowski inequality Linear operators H-local domains Boolean n-derivation Adequate rings Rule matri Almost contact geometry Rings of functions Scaling function Complete set Hopf-type formulas

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Durrmeyer-type operators, Weakly prime, Complex Finsler space, A-density, Bounded factorization, Geometric–arithmetic index, Opial’s inequality, Delay differential equations, Nonconvex optimization, Unpredictable function, Exponential convexity, Perturbational solution, Hadamard fractional integral, Lie symmetry analysis, Gaussian q -binomial coefficients, Trial method, MP-invertible elements, Elementary divisor rings, Almost contact 3-structure manifolds, Random interval parameters, Multiresolution analysis, Fuzzy semigroups, GBS operator, Nonabelian group, Braid relation, Core of a sequence, Small shifts, Linear k-positive operators, Poisson stability, Generalised function, Complex indicatrix, Finite dimensional space, Causal operator, Zagreb index, Complex hyperbolic plane, Beesack’s inequality, Cauchy mean, Nonautonomous second-order stochastic delay, Uniform statistical convergence, Predator–prey system, Perturbational self-similar, Goal programming model, Power series solution, Fibonomial coefficients, Orthogonal systems, Divisor-closed multiplicative submonoid, New inequalities of Opial type, Braided regular crossed modules, Purely ring theoretical method, B -continuous function, Riesz space, Elementary matrix reduction, Double jet bundle, Krull ring, Unitary operators, Terminal value problem, Bebutov dynamical system, Volume element, Cygan metric, Numerical semigroups, Adjunction inequality, Chain relation, Subordination between analytic functions, Abelian subgroups, Shum’s inequality, Undamped Duffing equation, Self-dual codes, Mate-finding Allee effect, Hyperbolic function method, Uniform statistical cluster points, Step function like eigenfunction, Bicomplex polynomial, Lucanomial coefficients, Singular nonlinearities, QSAR studies, Satisfactory solution, Conjugacy classes, Minimizing graph, First Zagreb index, Product of semiflows, Positive operator, Positive characteristic, Fuzzy subhypernear-ring, Closed one-form foliation, Consider factorizations, Toeplitz operators, Double vector bundle, Opial inequality, Zabavsky’stheorems, Ring of Krull type, Mixed modulus of continuity, Quasilinear differential equation, Volume variation, Neutral Volterra integro-differential equations, General Fibonacci sequences, Subdirectly irreducible semigroups, Lyapunov functional, Cofibration of categories, Ptolemaean inequality, Nonmonotonic functional response, Arf numerical semigroups, Generalized Matsumoto relation, Riemannian warped product manifold, Coverings of Stein surfaces, Eigenvalue zero, Hankel determinant, Second Zagreb index, Square operations, Right or two-sidedness, Mountain-pass theorem, Hyperelliptic mapping class group, Riemann surface, Singular braid group, Higher derivations, Gauss–Lucas theorem, Sharply 2-transitive groups, Random interval programming, Intuitionistic fuzzy subhypernear-ring, Subnormal subgroups, Sum identities, Quasi-linear manifolds, Uniform statistical limit superior, Trial equation method, Indicatrix length, Quasilinearization method, Composition operators, A-linear operator, Additively regular rings, Directional monoid, Regular groupoids, Minimum vertex degree, Compact leaves, Radical submodules, Q-integers, Second order jets, Engineered systems, Aalmost commutativity, Bogdanov–Takens bifurcation, Regular bands, Ptolemaeus’ theorem, Arf closure, Nilpotent group, Jacobi systems, Isotopy classes, Impulsive effects, Forgotten topological index, Rayleigh equation, Exponentially convex function, Least eigenvalue, Vertical and horizontal distributions, Homological theory, Generalized higher derivations, Finite subgroups of mapping class group, Kaehlerian product manifold, Infinite integrals, Exact solution, Upper bound, Closed orientable surface, Basis number, Variational method, Paracomplex structure, Asymptotic density, (M−1)-surface, Lightlike submanifolds, Milnor basis elements, Vertex degree, Stein domains, Block space, Exponential probability distribution, Locally soluble-by-finite groups, Appropriate corrections, Upper t-level cut, Submersion volume, Mean value, Berezin transform, Fuzzy mapping, Form’s rank, Conformable fractional integrals, Uniform dimension of modules, Hahn–Banach extension theorem, Hybrid tensor, Numerical semigroup S, Connected sum of knots, Parametric rational, Canonical involution, Quasi-linear mapping, Bicomplex numbers, Psp monoid, Topological algebra, New special curves, Intuitionistic fuzzy-ideal, Characteristic 3, Refined semilattices of semigroups, Heteroclinic curve, Deviating argument, Jomotopy groups, M-property, Degree of FQL mappings, Multiplication module, Degenerate metric, Para-Sasakian manifold, Bicyclic graphs, Algebraic methods, Distinct tangents, Kaehler manifold, Moduli space of genus zero stable maps, Sierpinki Gasket, Asymptotically almost periodicity, Weighted norm inequality, Cauchy-type mean, Paracomplex manifold, Mixed geodesic submanifold, Pseudo-umbilical submanifold, Abelian representations, Nordhaus inequalities, Semiprime rings, Horospherical coordinates, Coisotropic submanifolds, Sectional curvature, Summability of subsequences, Hermitian self-dual codes, Integral representations, Commensurable property, Mathematical chemistry, Graded secondary modules, Zero divisors, Analytic continuation, Cycle space, Improve upon Cauchy’s classical bound, Graded weakly prime ideals, Hypernear-rings, Tangent bundle of higher order, Lipman semigroup, Finite Mal’cev rank, Sip monoid, Finite intersection, Certain range, Random permutation σ, Semi-slant submanifolds, Fundamental period, Homoclinic loop, Elementary theory of Riesz spaces, Remainder function of Taylor’s theorem, Monomial curves in P3, Simplicial algebra, Darboux vector, Linear connections, Impulse differential equations, Fintushel-stern, Structural semilattices, Sturm-Liouville equations, Called QL-manifolds, Harnack’s theorem, Intuitionistic fuzzy bi-ideal, Hermitian manifold, Compact generalization, Dimension of a module, Homogeneous singular, Constant angle surfaces, Group theoretic proof, Krasnoselskii’s fixed point theorem, Kenmotsu space form, Braided Crossed modules, Weyl-pseudosymmetric manifold, Piecewise constant argument, Singular braid monoid, Bi-homomorphism, Fundamental set for the action of Zn, Quasi-pseudo-metric, Screen conformal lightlike hypersurface, Vertical lift, Gaddumtype inequalities, Curvature-invariant submanifold, Real variety, Infinite-dimensional mappings, Ricci tensor, Complex coefficients, Locally decomposable Riemannian manifold, Valuable remarks, Subhypernear-rings, Locally finite, 2-torsion-free semiprime ring, Semi-composition product, Prime submodules, Semi-invariant submanifolds, Apollonius points of pentagons, Hollow modules, Homology classes, Continuous monotone function, Hyperconvex spaces, G-graded commutative ring, Devaney chaos, Extra conditions, Fundamentals of semigroup theory, Piecewise asymptotically, QL-manifold structure, Light-like manifolds, Cat-groups, Operator-differential equations, Lp-equivalence, Non-existence, Finite interval, Primary submodules, P-elastica, Developable surfaces, Commutative ring, Kaehlerian manifold, Closed curves, Topological radical, Set-theoretic complete intersections, R-module homomorphisms, Left K-sequentially complete, Semi-Riemannian, Knot surgery, Conformally symmetric, Exactly FQL-mappings, Multiply transitive groups, Graph products, Unique positive root, Gromov-Witten invariant, Partial open book decomposition, Random Dirichlet series, Integrability condition, Catalan numbers, Totally umbilical, Mawhin’s continuation theorem, Distinct residue classes modulo, Curvature inequalities, Parallel lightlike hypersurface, Lie ring, Metric trees, Constant holomorphic sectional curved manifold, Algorithm provides, Totally geodesic, Factor module M/N, Indecomposable modules, Locally graded, Manifold applications, Vanishing derivatives, Real structure, Riemannian product, Non-subnormal subgroups, Real infinite-dimensional, Partial impulse, Homogeneous components, G-graded, Killing distribution, Cheeger-Gromoll metric, Primary compactly packed modules, Indefinite Kenmotsu space, Dual quaternions, The zeros of polynomials, Enumerative invariant, Gelfand-Mazur algebra, Product manifold, Algorithmic point, Contact three-manifold with convex boundary, 4-manifolds, Monomial curves, Fredholm Quasi-Linear mapping, Fractional-linear, Right K-sequentially complete, Maximal submodules, Slant immersion, Conformally flat, Algebraic system, Straight lines among circles, Stack-sortable permutations, Cylindrical helices, Lorentzian space, Algebraic number fields, Non-zero identity, Variable exponent Lebesgue, Riemannian product manifold, Lidstone boundary value problem, Homothetic indecomposability, Structure imposed, Semi-symmetric lightlike hypersurface, Scalar curvature, Order(R), Lifting modules, Fractal constructions, Target space, Hyperconvex hulls and extensions, Infinite non-abelian, Quadratic modules, Bi-slant submanifold, R-module, Multi characteristic, Primary finitely compactly packed modules, R-lightlike submanifold, Hybrid Riemannian, Horizontal and vertical lift, Parabolic type, Hamilton operators, Trans-Sasakian, Elementary proof, Permutations acting on polynomials, Strong subordination, Sutured manifold

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