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Cách làm sinh tố chuối Sinh tố dâu sữa chua Chiêu thức lập trình Tạo phím nóng chuẩn đoán học văn Thông tư số 9-TT Quyết định 1970/2019/QĐ-UBND Số 1970/2019/QĐ-UBND Quyết định số 1970/2019 Tàu sân bay Mỹ sẽ chết như thế nào Công văn 1951/TTg-KTTH Đầu tư phát triển 6 tháng cuối năm 2017 Bổ sung kế hoạch vốn đầu tư Hydrothermal process Antioxidative response Intrarow spacing Acer trautvetteri Xenopus hindlimb Priming on physiological seed quality Fetax test HECT domain Rapd molecular markers Inheritance and mutant Rice bean Photochemical activity Turkish red pine Fibroblastema formation Seed characteristics Cucumber mitogen-activated Physiological seed quality in fresh Increased malformation rates No-observed adverse effect concentration Human fibroblast growth factor 9 Flowering buds Cellular processes Pattern of segregation Safflower Carthamus tinctorius L. genotypes Antioxidative responses Rice bean (Vigna umbellata Thunb Comparison to axolotl Aged seeds of sunflower β2-adrenergic receptor Spina bifida Submergence stress Desiccation tolerant Lowest observed adverse effect concentratio Ratnagiri 8 Fusarium wilt resistant Ratnagiri 7 - Red Kernel Potting media Soluble carbohydrate DNA C-value Spring safflower genotypes Performance of selected F5 individuals Indole-3-acedic acid Ohwi and Ohashi) Oil body Half-sib families originating Physiological properties of chickpea Metabolic database High yielding rice variety Germination of Acer pensylvanicum seed Seed germination rates Shoot elongation Susceptible safflower genotypes Medium slender high yielding rice variety Selected F5 individuals Hair growth Nuclear DNA amount Short bold grain type Phenological development Total soluble sugar Crosses in rice Molecular characterization of fusarium Six states of India Dahlia hortensis Phaseolus vulgaris germplasm Intraspecific variation Cross between IR64 Sowing date and wheat Nuclear genome size Physiological manifestation during seed deterioration Endogenous plant hormones Speed of germination Azad T-6 Pollen fertility restorers Vegetative growth of tomato Genetics of cancer Tetraploid Locust Somatic mutations Pollen fertility in CGMS based pigeonpea Plant hormones on vegetative growth Floral traits IAA producing bacteria Optimum time for rooting Target sequencing CGMS based pigeonpea Behaviour attributes of tomato Heterogeneous diseases Tree fruit production

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Current methodology, Indole acetic acid producing bacteria, Chelated Ca, Squares for different characters in pigeonpea, Ion torrent sequencing, Hybrid seed production, Novel cancer driver genes, Spectral karyotyping, Physiological functions, Hybrid development in bread wheat, Pseudostem length, Hormonal cross talk, Coasts of Ben Tre, Application method, Plant hormone, Pollen fertility status recordrd for female, Oncogenes specifically, Mutations responsible, Method of application on vegetative growth, Plant hormone jasmonate, NF2 gene, Flexible software package, Ebook Plants, Male sterile and fertile lines, Neck thick, Utilization in vegetable crops, Combining calls, Tra Vinh provinces, Cotton diseases, Nitrogen time of application, Mutational clustering, Arabidopsis AtMYB80, Male sterile, Ferulate 5-hydroxylase2, Method of application, Utilizing protein structure, Jasmonate signalling, Spikelet fertility, Plants life science, Producing bacteria could naturally stimulate, Systematically outperforms, Maize rhizosperic phosphate solubilizing isolates, Mutational signatures, TIBA and tuberose, Nitrogen method of application, Growth of pearlmillet, Germline mutation analysis, Growth of Kharif onion, Polymer coated urea, Anther cuticle, Comparative evaluation of visual and colorimetric methods of teeth color determination, Wheat seedling, Cinnamoyl-CoA reductase2, Growth of quality protein maize, Non-random somatic mutations, Short grain aromatic rice hybrids, Different fertilizer levels, First decade, Mutational patterns, Plant growth promoting characteristics, Based on pollen fertility, Time nitrogen fertilizer application, Origanum onites L., Normal urea, Phenylalanine ammonia-lyase6, Visual and colorimetric methods of teeth color determination, Vegetative growth and spike yield, Multiple primary melanomas, Lipid polymers, Hydrogen cyanide production, Traditional method, Development of medium slender, Slow releasing fertilizer, Growth and yield of grain sorghum, Multiple cancer, Spike yield of tuberose, Biological discoveries, Origanum onites, Both germline, Teeth color determination, Cutaneous malignant melanoma, Recombinant adenovirus coding, Indole acetic acid production, Identification of maintainers, Polyphenol oxidases, Mechanism underlying, Pediatric anesthesia, Mutations during carcinogenesis, Ionic toxicity, Visual and colorimetric methods, Mutations observed, Origanum minutiflorum, In vitro biosolubilization, The human IL-12 protein, Mean performance of fifty genotypes, Sporadic harbouring, Solanum incanum, Chemicals and yield, Anesthetic implications, Flower yield and vase life, CDKN2A germline mutation, Fifty genotypes of fennel, Foliar response, Loose flower production, IL-12 protein on mice, Understanding the pediatric chest radiograph, Container and deterioration, Sambamahsuri derivatives of rice, White wine, Anatolian black pine, Callistephus chinensis, Wheat landraces, Path coefficient analysis and yield, Foeniculum vulgare Mill, Mice during the experiment, Pediatric electrocardiogram, Chemicals on yield, Levels on floral yield, Planting dates in China aster, Seed deterioration pattern, Turkish white wine grape varieties, Banana inflorescence, Dry weight fraction, Yieldattributes and yield, Foliar nutrients and biostimulants, China aster cultivation, Yield attributing characters of rice, China aster during storage, Enzymatic glutathione, Vase life of China aster, Standardization of drying techniques, Blast disease, Crossability studies in China aster, Osmotic potential, Weed dynamics and yield attributes, Acidic polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, Chikkaballapura district of Karnataka, Path analysis in China aster, Bulb quality, Path co-efficient analysis studies, Flower quality, Nectarine tissue, Phenotypic coefficients of variation, Different herbicides, Gene optimization, Root growth potential, Cost returns and input use pattern, Magnaporthe grisea isolates of finger millet, Callistephus hortensis, Sowing dates on yield, Foliar spray of boron, Develop ready to cook banana inflorescence, Williams pear trees Pyrus communis L., Genotypic coefficients of variation, Universal abiotic stress, Phenological conditions, Phosphorous on growth, Cook banana inflorescence, Yield and yield, Relative heterosis, Yield of Kharif greengram, Genetic advance as percentage of mean, Valencia orange, Their parents for qualitative, Cathepsin B, Chelate foliar fertilizers, Absolute quantification, Economics of linseed, Attributing traits against stemphylium blight, Callistephus chinensis Nees, Kharif greengram (Vigna radiata), Growth of China aster, Codon usage bias, China aster varieties, Plant spacing on fruit quality, Economics of China Aster, Qualitative and quantitative characters, Evaluation of China Aster, Iron and zinc enriched organics, Garlic genotypes, Total yield, Recorded in plants, Highly expressed gene, Nonconventional area, Biologically synthesised nano, Flowering characters, Physiological utilization efficiency, Sweet orange (Citrus sinensis var. Valencia late), Zinc enriched organics on growth, Hormonal-receptor positive, Bioregulators on growth, Yield per trunk cross, Fruit quality of sweet orange, Parents for growth, Loose flower, Varietal evaluation of China-aster, In vitro shoot regeneration, Bài giảng Rối loạn trí tuệ, Nano fertilizer, Plant growth and fruit quality, ZnO nanoparticle improves maize growth, Rice cultivars of Manipur, Fruit morphology, IL-6 augments invasion, Gramineae family, Yield parameters in tomato, Poly wrapper, Sub-tropical region of west Bengal, Linum usitatissimum, Yield of potato in loamy sand, Fruit quality characters, Rootstock on plant growth, Nano polymer, Seed zinc, Cathepsin B expression, Comparison of nitrogen, Khái niệm rối loạn trí tuệ, Vermicompost and zinc application, Different levels of chemical, Economics and air layering, Influence of pre harvest application, Gujarat Aonla-1, Potato in loamy sand, Pretreatment application, High soil pH condition, Efficiency and its variation, Phân loại rối loạn trí tuệ, Bulb yield attributes of rabi onion, Air layring of guava, Growth and yield attribute, Pre harvest application of calcium, Nano nitrogenous fertilizers, Nano fertilizer enhances efficacy, Hội chứng rối loạn trí tuệ, Fruit yield and quality, L-1 naphthalene acetic acid, Colour poly wrappers, Fruit quality of mango, Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, Biofertilizers on growth, Pant growth regulators, Mango to micronutrients through soil, Impact of early cropping, Fruit quality of wood apple, Sorghum crop, Survival and economics, Embryogenic mass, Yield and economics of onion, Quality attributes of onion, Mango to micronutrients, Grape hyacinths, Supplemented irrigation on growth, Fruit quality of guava, Micronutrient uptake, Foliar applications on fruit quality, Growth of onion, Yield quality of guava, Return bloom, Yield and nutrient uptake of onion, Muscari armeniacum, Tư tưởng triết học về nhân sinh, Gibberellic acid application, Diyarbakir watermelon, Growth of strawberry, Crop yield with better quality, Performance of nutrients of onion, Vegetative development, Flowering production, Vigour of strawberry, Braeburn apple trees, Flowering of strawberry, Pre and post emeregence herbicide, Quality of strawberry, Crimean juniper, Sub-tropical condition of Jammu, Yield attributes and yield of onion, Sub-tropical condition, Post emergence herbicides against weeds, Influence of weed management practice, Economics of kharif onion, Weed management practice, Pulp recovery, Loamy sand soils, Fruit retention, Sorghum genotypes, Quality of onion, Seed content, Gerbera jamesonii cv. red gem, Assisted pollination on fruit characters, Ber (Zizyphus mauritiana Lamk), Pre harvest treatments on growth, SPAD value, Economics of African marigold, Additive gene, Total chlorophyll, Application mode, Magnesium sulphate, Human tissue, Global grain, Medium soil, Full blooming, Cardiac muscle cells, Gladiolus hybridus, Membrane damage, Flowering parameters of Ber, Fertilization enhances growth, Qualitative and morphometric characters, Green synthesized PLA/silver nanoparticle probe for sensing, Influence of PGR’s, Seed coating, RHS color, Cytokinin on growth, Cocopeat on growth, Yield of African marigold, Genetic advance in cucumber, Seed soaking in different chemicals, Seed image analyser, Proline treatment, Green synthesized PLA/silver, Effects of PH soaking solutions, Xanthophyll contents of marigold, Cultivars on flower yield, Leaf temperature, Xanthophyll content of african marigold, Sexual secondary characters, Dry mass, Konkan condition, Morphometric and phytochemical, Exogenous proline, Seed morphometric characters, Hydrogen peroxide in biological samples, Albizia lebbeck, Aseel male chicken, Side-shoot production, Growth of African marigold, Hypoxia anaerobic treament, Annual flowers, Identification of heterorhabditis bacteriophora, Kinetin on yield of African marigold, Management of Meloidogyne incognita, Flowering parameter of marigold, Lower gangetic plain of India, Red sea, Poultry science, Morphometric traits, Acalypha hispida, X-ray photo electron spectroscopy, Tea plantation of Assam, Seed cubes, Yield of marigold, Specialty cut flowers, Gaba accumulation in germinated Mung bean, Seed priming on plant, Sudanese red sea coast, Silver nanoplate, Morphometric variations, Homozygous plants, Wetting time, Ancestral character state reconstruction, Sucrose content, Madras Veterinary College, Phytochemical composition, PLA with silver nanoparticles, Tea plantation, Tagetes spp., Rapid propagation in fallow lands, Length-weight relationship, Seed drying temperature, Seed-mediated, Net photosynthetic rate, Sugarcane juice quality evaluation, Characterization of tamarind accessions, Organic manure etc, Crocus sativus L, Waterlogged sugarcane, Root-knot nematode(s) of Assam, Silver nano, Detection of Mn(II) ions, Sugarcane ratoon crop, Hydroxylamine hydrochloride, Naga chilli (Capsicum chinense Jacq.), Geometric morphometrics, Extend up to yield, 28-homobrassinolide, Plasmon resonance, Breakage percentage, Component analysis in saffron, FT-NIR spectrometer, Economics of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.), Economical synthesis, Cane yield, Morphological characters showed similarities, Chemical and parameters, Early generation sugarcane clones, Crop for Chhattisgarh plains, Callus mediated in vitro regeneration, Plasmonic photothermal therapy, Different yield, Promising sugarcane genotypes, Triticum estivum

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