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Broad bean plant of Manipur Agro biodiversity Post-harvest quality parameters Cartap Hydrochloride Sensory evaluationetc Powdery mildew in pea Zinc on flowering Sustainability in Bt cotton Fipronil and Imidacloprid Women role and Genetic diversity Bran on quality characteristics of cookies Productivity of the crop Key agronomic issues for higher production Characteristics of cookies Influence of garden cress seed bran Growth behavior of wheat cultivars Growth behavior Diets of adolescents Soil fertility status of Mandal block Dietary diversity in relation Mandal block Seed yield of Indian mustard Student’s instructional farm Novel colours Slightly alkaline to strongly alkaline Relation to micronutrient adequacy Tinting techniques in China aster Standardization of tinting techniques Advance propagation techniques Caracass characteristics Sequence cropping Important spice crops Seasonal variation in tomato genotypes Extended spectrum beta lactamase production Sustainable yield and value index Pseudostem sap Nano Zn Path analysis and aerobic rice Intercropping treatments Split bamboo methods System productivity and profitability Vencobb broilers NPK by papaya as affected by organic Soil as influenced by various sole Soil mound method Mechanization in rainfed condition Nano Zn containing diets NPK by papaya Components in aerobic rice Fatalities due to seasonal variation Hb level Chitinolytic bacteria Maize and NPK status of soil Single bud rhizomes method Cotton based cropping system Bone measurements of commercial broilers fed Fetal outcome Keratin associated protein Yield components in aerobic rice Quality characters of maize Custard apple seed flour Placental outcome Performance of Indian mustard Keratin associated protein gene Protein isolate preparation Measurement of effectiveness of zinc Influence of NPK levels on performance Non-anaemic mothers of selected hospital Leaves of cape gooseberry Two indigenous Pashmina goat breeds Response surface methodology for optimization Without fym on protein production Placental outcome among anaemic Nutrients concentration DNA amplification by Polymerase Chain Reaction Pearl millet-wheat sequence Algal leaf spot Lasparaginase activity Cephaleuros species Soils with depleted Fertility parameters Extremely drug resistant Available Cu L-glutaminase activity Cauliflower in dindigul Integrated nutrient management packages Various fertility parameters New record on algal leaf spot of quince Zn and soybean growing soils Clustering of genotypes Long term INM Phosphorus availability Solanum species Antibiotic in dairy cows Algal leaf spot of quince Cauliflower crop at different elevations Soybean growing soils Phosphorus fractions in soil Genetic diversity in yard long bean L-Glutaminase activity in acidic soil

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Wavy or feathered, Administration of PGF2α, Growing soils in northern transitional zone, Grafting in brinjal, Worked out to analyse the variability, Early postpartum period, Northern transitional zone of Dharwad Taluk, Antagonism and deficiency, Proterin bands, Biorationals against the fungal pathogen stemphylium vesicarium, Leptocorisa acuta, N-acetyl thiazolidine 4- carboxylic acid, Yield of tomato in an alfisol, OS coxae, The effect of physical activity, Ostrich seminal plasma, Genomic status, Ascitic fluid culture, Combined application of magnesium, Genetic divergence studies in sesame, Fungal pathogen stemphylium vesicarium, Identify seminal plasma proteins, Chemical and mineral composition, Petal fall stage, OS coxae in Guinea fowl, Rice gundhi bug under field condition, Studies on correlation, Management of sheath blight, Blood homocysteine concentration, Important oilseed crop, Seminal plasma proteins in ostrich, Potassium on soil properties, Yield of apricot cv new castle, Stemphyliumvesicar ium, Stem rot diseases of paddy, Certain chemical insecticides, Homocysteine concentrations in two experimental groups, Comparative anatomy of OS coxae, Proteomic approach, Patients with spontaneous bacterial peritonitis, Genomic groups grown in India, Physically active persons, Coxae in pigeon, Fibre content, Very late sowing conditions, Cluster bean genotypes for yield, Zinctransporter-8, Vaccination practices, Scientific equipment practices, Resistance and insulin secretion, Quality parameters of strawberry, Poultry farmers rearing, Insulin secretion, Strawberry is being cultivated, Greatest constraints on poultry farming, Solute carrier 30 A8, Sediment treatment for increasing pH, Shoot weevil, Stratified multistage random sampling, External auditory meatus, Bird of paradise, Proximate composition disparity, Maritime coasts, Reducing heavy metal cadmium, Evaluating poplar leaf extract concentration, Bioefficacy of insecticides, P-P distance, Taianging Usnea sp, Interaction effect of nitrogen, Yield traits and rice, Socio-economic status of fishers, Basal application of P2O5, Increasing pH, Intensity of heating, Potential plant pathogens, Maize growing sample farm, Weed management practices on weed dry weight, Otomycosis in bikaner, L-L distance, Genetic variability studies in bottle gourd, Shoot weevil in okra, Proximate composition of edible insects, Planting season, Water spinach genotypes, Grain yield was recorded, Calibration estimator, Background of wheat variety DWR 162, Carcass characteristics of Giriraja birds, Sporulation of a fungus, Antimalarial activity of Usnea sp, Yield of bird of paradise, Growth regulator intercropping, Direct seeded rice under rainfed condition, Standard method is advocated, Inter-character association studies, Fishers of coastal India, Common adulterants in milk, Bio efficacy of insecticides on grub load, Planting season on Hard seededness, Calibration approach for estimation of area, Herbal immunomodulator on dressing percentage, Heritability estimatio, Knowledge level of trained farmers, Heating on qualitative tests, Hard seededness in Mungbean, Leaf extract media on mycelial growth, Broken branches, Living still below the poverty line, Phytochemical test results of several extracts, Herbal immunomodulator, Low knowledge level category, Citrus greening bacterium, Determination of genetic components, Glucose in milk, Average weather data of Hisar, Shoot weevil infestation in okra, Acid lime aurantifolia orchards, Genetic components, Planting season on hard seededness in mungbean, Probiotic properties in piglets, Corneal ulceration, Triple test crosses in okra, Citrus greening disease in acid lime, Clinico-epidemological profile, Triple test crosses, Sulphur fertilization in combinition, Corneal ulcer cases, Barle leaf area index, Rural hospital of Haryana, Herbal beverage, Combinition of farmyard manure on sesame, Influence of planting dates, Rice varieties on growth, Prevalent fungal isolate, Farmyard manure on sesame, Temperature on plant growth, Economics of summer greengram, Compatibility of Trichoderma harzianum, Economics at varying levels of nitrogen, Growth analytical parameters in wheat, Fruiting of strawberry, Yield of summer greengram, Yield at varying levels of nitrogen, Selected inorganic fertilizers, Direct seeded upland condition Rewa region, Resistant gene analogous marker, Waterborne pathogens, Red Lady, Yellow mosaic virus resistant genotypes, Hydroxamate type siderophore, Phenolgical stages, Genetic purity analysis, Nodulation characters, Thanatephorus cucumeris, Yellow mosaic virus resistant genotypes in greengram, Soil application of Zinc, Earth worms, Management of stalk rot of maize, Genetic purity analysis in maize, Non systemic fungicides, Bradyrhizobium sp, Iron contaminated soil, Average plant yield, Quantity of soil application, High altitude cold arid Ladakh, Bioefficacy of ametoctradin, Maize caused by Fusarium moniliforme, Yield in chickpea, Contribution of each trait towards divergence, Growth parameters of maize hybrids, Grain yield and contributing traits, Rice sheath Blight, Bacopa monneri, Potential strains, Linear density, Vermicomposting under high altitude cold arid Ladakh, Downy mildew disease of cucumber in rabi, Suitable strategies for effective mitigation, Chilli genotypes for yield attributing, Genetic variability of nodulation characters, SSR markers across parents and hybrids, Physical strength, Incidence of leaf curl, Separation of earthworms, Field efficacy of newer insecticides, Typhoid fever-real time PCR, Total potassium content, White fly traits in Coastal Maharashtra, Need of the hour, Neem products against scirtothrips dorsalis, Pollen plants, Studies on pollen germination, Sulphur nutrient, No bacterial Growth, Screening canine microbiota, Seasonal incidence of thrips, Total silicon content, MRSA and candida albicans, Pollen loads, Scirtothrips dorsalis on grapes, Extended spectrum beta-lactamases using E-test, Scirtothrips dorsalis hood, Irrational use of antibiotics leading, Whorl maggot Hydrellia philippina in paddy, Fruit set in raspberry, Growth of fenugreek, Meloidogyne hapla infection, Moisture regimes on growth, Surface disinfectants, Thrips damage over untreated control, Yellow stem borer Scirpophaga incertulas, Scirtothrips dorsalis hood on grapes, No bacterial growth on culture, Hilly conditions of Uttarakhand, Influenced by different levels of NPK, Carrot at Kodaikanal Hills, Increased doses of NPK fertilizers, Blood agar and MacConkey agar, NPK under new alluvial plains, Yield loss estimation, Herbal formulation, Length of pod, Status of root-knot nematode, Phyto-chemical characterization, Tellicherry goat, Sub-acute toxicity, Growth behavior of pineapple, Antibiogram and Multiplex PCR, Giant african snail, Bio film, Diagnostics of major white grub species associated, A serological study on incidence, Path analysis study in Dolichos bean, Pineapple cv mauritius, Heritability in sugarcane, Major white grub species associated, Horticulture nursery, Caprine pneumonia, Incidence of brucellosis, Female farm workers involved, Potato crop ecosystem, Genotypic correlations coefficient of yield, Survey on molluscs pests in Karnataka, Mannheimia hemolytica associated, Settled for feeding, Sheep in Ludhiana, Survey on molluscs pests, Brucellosis is an important zoonotic disease, Potato ecosystem, Mushroom production for self employment, Native Trichoderma for the management, Warm humid Himalayas, Generation mean analyses, Sodic haplusterts, Post-thaw evaluation, Captive pheasants, Gladilous hybrid, Length/Breadth ratio, Clinicohaemato-biochemical alterations, Water soluble cations, F2 generation of rice, Management of wire stem, Multistage budgeting framework, Multidrugresistant Klebsiella isolates, Phytase and 16 S rRNA, Prevalence of WIDAL positivity, Induced mutagens, Complementary recessive epistasis, Bamboo genetic resources, Foliar fungal pathogens, Genetic advance in chilli genotypes, Crop residues incorporation, In vitro efficacy of different botanicals, Physiographic land unit, Planting time on vegetative, Mustard caused by rhizoctonia solani, Identification of probiotic potential LAB, Neonatal calves, Volume expansion, Soil fertility status of Majhwa block, WIDAL positivity, Consumption pattern of fish, TEYG extender, Endoparasites in captive pheasants, Path analysis of rice, Chemically induced mutagenesis, Duplicate dominant epistasis, Milling quality characteristics, Mechanism of resistance, Foliar fungal pathogens of cowpea, Various age gradations, Soils was higher as compared to sub surface, Crop residues incorporation on physical properties, Fungicides on Brinjal leaf mold pathogen, Photorhabdus luminescens, Flowering on five cultivar, Phytase activity, Irrigation methods for paddy, Inceptisols and Land degradation, Paddy under different land levelling, Clinicohaemato-biochemical alterations in colibacillosis, Water contaminated with faeces, Thirteen quantitative traits, Volatile compound produced, Cryopreserved boer crossbred buck semen extended, Incidence of endoparasites, New molecules of insecticides on shoot fly, Chocolate milk drinks, Evapotranspiration models, Resistance patterns of the tested isolates, Bio control isolates, Capsules per plant, Rice is a staple food consumed, Characterization of probiotic potential LAB, Paper production, Five cultivar of gladiolus, Advanced breeding material, Insecticidal-protein-encoding gene tcdA, Unorganized dairy farms located, Treatments studied, Genetic advancem, Animal product, Investigate the prevalence, New molecules of insecticides, Evidence of endoparasitism by sedimentation, Seed cotton yield as influenced, Farm structure cropping pattern, Parents for yield, Cocoa powder, Sorghum against shoot fly, In vitro evaluation for antagonistic potential, Moth bean local germplasm, Bacteriological examination, Fish has grown faster, Days taken to spike emergence, Split application of nutrients, Related characteristics in tomato, Cloning gene tcdA, Grain yield of sorghum, Physicochemical and microbial qualities, Seed quality parameters of greengram, Reference evapotranspiration methods, Genetic variability for quantitative characters, Sample farms, Fertigation in Bt cotton, Food and nanotechnology, Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum Child), Shoot fly on different genotypes, Statistical comparison, Characterization of ZnO nanoparticles, Hardening methods, Tomato hybrids, Nanotechnology application, Bulb yield of onion, Sugar levels on physico-chemical, Socio-economic status of tribal farmers, Fruit yield characters, Influence of salicylic acid on growth, Tomorrow design the food, Probiotic Lactobacillus spp, Nodulation in Greengram, Salicylic acid on growth, Health benefits that food delivers, F1 including commercial 6 hybrids of tomato, Base line information at Kakopather, Germination in Greengram, India generating sizeable employment, Taste of food, Detrimental effects of selected salts, Wheat and Calcareous soil, Economic management of alternaria leaf spot, Pre emergence herbicides on oil content, Yield of Abelmoschus esculentus, Alternaria leaf spot of cauliflower, Antibiogram of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus, Spray after diluted properly, Growth parameters of spinach, Phytotoxicity of alternaria leaf spot, Physic-chemical, Bioefficacy of alternaria leaf spot, Jute based cropping system, Growth and dry zone, Fragaria × annanassa, Response of Asiatic Lilium Hybrid cv Tresor, Urinary isolates, Quantitative content analysis, Meat emulsion, Farm magazines, Climate readiness, Production and technology, Current status of fungal diseases, Leaf colour chart based N management, Performance of papaya varieties, Garden rue, Storage stability of goshtaba, Cotton stalk yield, Environmental factor, Readability of selected articles, Farmers toward improved ginger production technology, Quantitative content analysis of farm magazines

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