What Color Shower Curtain For A Gray Bathroom? (2024)

Whether you're trying to achieve a contemporary look or a classic bathroom vibe, a gray bathroom will never disappoint you. Due to its neutral yet sophisticated undertone, gray has become popular as a bathroom theme. But what shower curtain color would match a gray bathroom? We've gathered the information you need to help you decide.

Gray is a versatile color that comes in different shades. When deciding which color to combine with gray, you need to consider the shade of gray you have. Light gray matches with neutral colors, while darker shades of gray go well with colors with a warm tone.

Some of the best shower curtain colors that match gray bathrooms are:

  • White
  • Tan
  • Yellow
  • Charcoal Gray
  • Navy Blue
  • Pink
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Mustard
  • Blue
  • Ivory

We will discuss each color and why it's a great match to your gray bathroom, so stick around until the end of this post for some guidance on how you can add an accent to your bathroom using shower curtains. With that said, let's get right into it.

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Shower Curtain Colors To Match Gray Bathrooms

Besides their main function of preventing water from splashing out of the shower area, shower curtains are a great additional accent to bathrooms.

However, choosing the wrong color can ruin the overall effect. Although gray is a neutral color, some colors do not suit gray that well.

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Since gray bathrooms are popular nowadays, adding an extra splash of color can make your gray bathroom different from the others. If you're wondering which colors will suit a gray bathroom, here are some options to help you decide.


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Just like gray, white has a neutral and warm undertone. White goes well with almost every color, and white shower curtains against gray walls create a clean and versatile vibe that is pleasing to the eyes.

Generally, white gives off a sense of simplicity. It can also add highlights and create an illusion of having a wider space because of its color. This makes white one of the best colors to pair up with a gray bathroom.


Tan is a lighter brown that provides a sense of warmth and security. Since shower curtains are used for additional privacy, using a tan shower curtain can create a psychological effect because of how the color can affect your mind.

When tan is paired with a lighter shade of gray, this color combination can create an aesthetic yet comforting vibe in the bathroom.


You might be surprised by how well yellow and gray can blend. Gray can help tone down the vibrant effect of yellow, while yellow provides a cooler vibe to gray.

Yellow reminds us of a bright sunny day, while gray gives a soothing nostalgia about rainy weather. The contrast the two can create is a surprisingly subtle yet inviting homey effect.

Charcoal Gray

Charcoal gray would be a great color for your shower curtain if you are trying to achieve an all-gray bathroom. Since charcoal gray is a dark, almost black shade of gray, it creates a different tone in the bathroom's overall look.

Many homeowners go for charcoal gray shower curtains because of the luxurious effect the color can give when paired with a gray bathroom.

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See this charcoal gray shower curtain on Amazon.

Navy Blue

Another dark color that will not disappoint you when combined with gray is navy blue. This versatile color exudes sophistication and class. Since gray is a neutral color, it creates a great backdrop for the classic navy blue color.

Navy blue can go well with almost every shade of gray, from the lightest to the darkest. Its effect can change depending on the shade of gray you are pairing it up with.

When combined, lighter gray and navy blue give off a warm effect. Meanwhile, combining navy blue and dark gray creates a dramatically luxurious vibe.


A combination of red and white, pink is often associated with feminine energy. It can create a comforting effect if paired with a smooth gray shade.

Blush pink would be the best shade of pink to match with gray. This color is ideal with the neutral color gray because it helps add warmth to the space.


When it comes to colors that best represent refreshment and calmness, green will always be at the top of the list. According to color experts, green can help relax the mind and body.

When gray is paired with a vibrant color like green, the two can give your bathroom a crisp yet soothing effect. This color combination is the go-to of nature lovers because of its comforting vibe.


When it comes to colors that show royalty and luxury, the color purple will always come to mind. This color sits between the hues of red and blue and is considered to be the color associated with kings and queens back in the day.

Combining the royal color purple with a neutral gray provides a luxurious and sophisticated effect in your bathroom. This elegant combination can never go wrong since gray can help bring out the versatile undertone of purple.


Red is a daring, sultry, vibrant color with a warm undertone. Associated with passion, this color will stand out when paired with a subtle, neutral color like gray.

Because gray seems plain on its own, combining it with a vibrant red will make it a good backdrop while giving a dramatic contemporary vibe to your bathroom.

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Check out this red shower curtain on Amazon.


Mustard is a darker shade of yellow that's becoming more popular nowadays because of its vibrant yet sophisticated color. The warmth of mustard can bring your gray bathroom to life without compromising its subtle overall look.

Because mustard is a spicy shade of yellow, it complements the neutral undertone of the color gray. These these two colors have a stylish effect.


The cool color of blue can be another great addition to your gray bathroom's overall accent. This color represents open spaces, freedom, and confidence. Since blue is also associated with water, it makes it the perfect go-to color for bathroom accessories.

Blue and gray make a versatile combination. You can either pair up a darker shade of gray with a lighter blue or put together a darker blue and a lighter gray.


Since ivory is an off-white color, pairing it with darker shades of gray creates a subtle, clean, and elegant effect. Ivory cannot overpower the neutral vibe of gray; that's why these two colors complement well.

When ivory and gray are put together, the combination creates a dynamic scheme of neutral colors that gives off an aesthetic and luxurious look in your bathroom.

Should Shower Curtains Reach The Floor?

Although the length of your shower curtain will depend on your preference, the standard height of shower curtains is about 72 inches. It is advised not to let the shower curtain touch the floor. That's why the rod must be installed 75-77 inches from the floor.

Not following the height of your shower curtain when installing it prevents the end of the shower curtain from touching the floor.

This can prevent accidents such as slips and falls due to tripping on the curtain. Keeping enough space between the end of the shower curtain and the floor also prevents mold buildups.

What Type Of Shower Curtain Is The Best?

Fabric shower curtains are more durable than plastic curtains. Unlike plastic curtains that have chemical leach buildups that are easier to clean, cotton shower curtains can be washed and are more environmentally friendly.

Unlike plastic liners, cotton shower curtains can also absorb moisture. They can also give your bathroom a luxurious vibe.

Can I Use Fabric Shower Curtains Without a Liner?

Although you can go with a fabric shower curtain, using it without a shower liner is not recommended, because the fabric absorbs water.

Using a liner prevents the water from getting into the fabric curtain shower. That's why liners go inside the tub and act as a barrier while your fabric shower curtain hangs outside the tub.

Wrapping Up

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You can pair your gray walls with white, tan, yellow, charcoal gray, navy blue, pink, green, purple, red, mustard, blue, and ivory. However, these options are not set in stone.

If you want to play with colors and unleash your creative side, you are free to do so.

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What Color Shower Curtain For A Gray Bathroom? (2024)


What colors go well with GREY bathroom? ›

As grey is a neutral color, you can pair it with other neutrals, such as a white bathroom, or go bolder if you prefer – the possibilities are endless. Yellow, pink, coral, navy, green and teal are just a few colors which pair nicely with gray.

How do I add warmth to my GREY bathroom? ›

6 easy ways to warm up your grey room using the latest trends
  1. 1) Add natural wood elements. Wicker, jute and rattan are all on trend right now. ...
  2. 2) Warm toned lighting. ...
  3. 3) Bring in the green plants! ...
  4. 4) Use highly textured finishes. ...
  5. 5) Colours to use with grey. ...
  6. 6) Metal finishes.

How do you accent a GREY bathroom? ›

Add panelling for a classic feel

If you like a more traditional look, copy this grey bathroom idea and opt for a soft light shade, paired with off whites and weathered copper. For something more dramatic we'd go really dark, almost black with the wall panels and pair with some equally bold patterned floor tiles.

What color shower curtain makes small bathroom look bigger? ›

Light-colored shower curtains add an airy feel to bathrooms and can make them feel bigger. In the above space, the white shower curtain makes the small room feel like a breath of fresh air. A dark curtain would make the room's small size feel oppressive.

How can I make my grey bathroom look nice? ›

Oozing sophistication and style, a dark grey bathroom is a modern choice that makes an impact. A deep shade like Chic Shadow highlights interesting features, so paint a feature wall behind a stylish basin, a window or a decorative bathtub. To balance the look and add contrast, paint skirting and frames in bright white.

What color goes with grey the most? ›

Neutrals – If you want to create a soothing vibe, try combining gray with a neutral color palette of white and off-white shades, beiges, tans, blacks, and browns. These are colors that go well with gray of all shades, both lighter shades and darker shades.

What Colour makes grey look warmer? ›

'Use warm-toned colors such as blush pink, mustard yellow, maroon, or caramel to add some warmth and contrast to the cool gray. '

What warm tones go with grey? ›

The key to a great match lies in coordinating the tones. Warm gray shades go well with other warm-toned colors, like taupe, blush pink, butter yellow, and burnt orange. On the other hand, you can pair cool gray with other chill tones like navy blue, sage green, and cool whites.

What color do you add to gray to make it warm? ›

For example, more white will create a lighter shade of gray and vice versa. Using this neutral gray, you can also influence the color temperature by adding a little bit of red to create a warmer hue and blue for a cooler shade.

What accent color goes against gray? ›

Grey is not a color to create a monochromatic environment with. ' 'Depending on whether the grey is cool, warm, or more neutral will guide you towards its perfect companion,' says Amy. 'Ochre, gold or yellow, pink, and deep violet work well with any kind of grey.

Does beige go with grey bathroom? ›

Restful shades of taupe, mushroom, brown and grey all look great with beige as well as deeper tones of green, navy and charcoal.

Is gray a good color for a small bathroom? ›

If you're worried about gray feeling too cold, don't be: It can actually be a very warm and inviting hue. "Light French Gray by Sherwin-Williams is a soothing gray that will give the room a rich look," says Emery. "But it's neutral enough to create the illusion of light and not make the bathroom feel smaller."

What color should bathroom curtains be? ›

Bright or neutral colors like white tend to make a space look and feel bigger. On the other hand, darker colors or patterns can make your bathroom look smaller.

How do you make a bathroom look good with a shower curtain? ›

Go with Large Horizontal Colorblock Stripes Shower Curtain

If you want your bathroom to look colorful without looking small, the key is to keep each section of the color large so it doesn't break up the look of the room too much. Bright tropical colors are a good way to set off a white background in the bathroom, too.

Should shower curtains match? ›

For example, your shower curtain and bath mat don't always have to match perfectly, but keeping your choices in the same color family ensures the overall look works well as a whole.

Does beige and grey go together in a bathroom? ›

Restful shades of taupe, mushroom, brown and grey all look great with beige as well as deeper tones of green, navy and charcoal. Natural textures such as wood, stone, and simple greenery will create a spa-like feel and help bring life to a neutral décor scheme.

Does beige and gray go together in a bathroom? ›

Beige tile can literally go well with many colors like baby blue, gray, white, silver accessories, etc.

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