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Publication Order of Come Back to Me Books

Come Back to Me (2014) |
This Is One Moment (2015) |
Run Away with Me (2017) |
Watch Over Me (2019) |
Fall into Me (2020) |

Mila Gray

Mila Gray is a pen name of Sarah Alderson, a young-adult fantasy and mystery writer. The young mother of one writes fulltime and also works as a screenwriter. Born and bred in London, Mila left the private sector to concentrate on writing. At the start of her writing career, she took a world tour and wrote some of her work when she was exploring different parts of the world. After that, she settled in Bali for five years before moving to her current residence in Ojai, California.

Some of Mila Gray’s notable pieces include Come back to Me, and This is One Moment. Both of these books feature young adults who are faced with mysterious occurrences and their quest to find the truth about themselves. The above and other of the Mila Gray books are beautifully written with the young adults in mind. Most of the happenings in these novels are events and activities that most people who fall under the young adults’ category can identify with.
Come Back to Me

This is the first book in Comes Back to Me series by Mila Gray. It’s set in the contemporary world, so it is easy for most readers to identify with. The story features two lovebirds, Jessa and Kit, among other interesting characters such as Riley, Jessa’s brother. Jessa and Kit have been best of friends from elementary school, but despite her massive crush on Kit, the two have been just friends all along.

Jessa’s mother hosts a summer barbeque for her daughter and friends every year. When Kit shows up for the party as he has previously done every year, Jessa finally talks about her feelings for him. This is the last summer before Kit goes off to the marines, and the two spend the rest of the summer together. Kit is nothing but the best boyfriend ever. He is always standing up for Jessa and acting as her protector. Even better, he pushes her out of her comfort zone and generally encourages her to become a better version for herself. That said, Kit still comes out as human, which means that his imperfections as a person show more than once in this story.

Jessa is still in her youth, and just like most people at this age, she is struggling with her emotions. It does not help that she cannot have her way as her father wants different things for her. While she has previously conformed, her rebellious side comes out this time around. For starters, her father is not so happy about Jessa’s relationship with Kit. Despite his efforts to separate them, Jessa is hell-bent on following her heart and being with the love of her life. However, her disagreements with her father make her second guess herself and her plans for the future. The good thing is that he finds a decent friend in Kit, and he helps her to navigate the murky waters of her emotions.

While the romance between these two is nothing but heartwarming, something happens when Kit and Riley are deferred yet again. One of the two dies, and the events leading to the death will leave you heartbroken. This book is going to make you fall in love with Kit and wonder why you can’t get such a boyfriend in real life. Similarly, this book is going to break your heart. Mila has a way of hooking her readers from the first page, and this book is not any different.
This is not just a romance novel, in between the pages; you will experience heartbreaks, family drama, and so much more. The suspense will keep you turning pages, and the emotional rollercoaster will leave you feeling all kinds of ways at the end. The book is an excellent read with a simple yet captivating storyline.

This is One Moment

This is One Moment is the second book in Come Back to Me series. It’s is the story of a wounded marine who has given up on life thinking that he’s beyond saving and a girl who wants nothing but to prove him wrong and a forbidden romance. Didi has always been a hopeless romantic. Her whole life has been spent wishing for an out of this world romance with a man who would sweep her off her feet. As fate would have it, Didi meets Hollywood sensation Zac Ridgemont, and the two fall in love almost immediately. Didi feels that she has found her soul mate and is keen to put all her effort into ensuring that the status quo remains. However, things change when Didi meets Noel Walker, the wounded marine.

Didi meets Noel when she interns at a military hospital while her boyfriend is off filming in the summer. From her first encounter with Noel, Didi is heartbroken to discover that he is not just frustrated but broken on the inside. Even worse, Noel is a problematic patient, so giving him the care he needs is an uphill task. He refuses help outright, and the hospital has classified him among the out of bound patients. This does not deter Didi from trying to win him, and soon enough, the sparks between these two become hard to ignore.

After a while, the attachment and attraction between the marine and the intern get to dangerous levels. Didi is falling in love with Noel fast, and she has little if no control over what she feels for him. Didi is well aware that Noel does not believe in love and will eventually break her heart. She knows that there is no future between them, and her feelings will leave her heartbroken at some point.

While Didi is still in her confused state, tragedy hits, and this forces her to action. Both their lives are shattered, and Didi finds that he has to choose between fighting for love or simply settling for a mere illusion. This is a sexy story that is compelling and devastatingly beautiful. The storyline covers love and its meaning but also the emotions that come with heartbreak and loss. Mila writes in her captivating style and will have you hooked from the first page to the end.

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  1. Cynthia millay: 8 months ago

    Love these two books was just wondering if it continues on with Noel brother Walter.


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    What order should I read Mila Gray books? ›

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    • This Is One Moment. Come Back to Me, Book 2. Mila Gray. 2015.
    • Run Away with Me. Come Back to Me, Book 3. Mila Gray. 2017.
    • Watch Over Me. Come Back to Me, Book 4. Mila Gray. 2019.
    • Fall into Me. Come Back to Me, Book 5. Mila Gray. 2020.

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