Grey Flooring - The Startling Truth About Popular Flooring Colors (2023)

Grey Flooring - The Startling Truth About Popular Flooring Colors

Each year, floor covering manufacturers introduce new "hot colors" for their product lines. Likewise, you can find article after article on the internet that show colorful flooring patterns and colors that many claim will be the "hot trend" for that calendar year. Industry trade shows give out awards to companies that bring to the market new and innovative product colors that interior designers love and can't wait to show their customers. But, at the end of the day, the grey tones always seem to be one of the most popular color options.

Grey Flooring - The Startling Truth About Popular Flooring Colors

Why Does Grey Flooring Always Seem to Be Popular?

Customers seem to be attracted to the fancy new colors in flooring, but usually work their way back to a color that will match the other colors in their space. Grey seems to be a very easy color to match with furniture, paint and pictures.

Let's take a look at some different situations:

Situation #1: A customer is getting ready to sell their home, and they need to replace some of the flooring. A realtor will tell a seller to pick a color that is going to be neutral, and that will appeal to the vast majority of buyers. For example, a seller is not going to pick a pink carpet for a bedroom, when pink will only be popular with a very small percentage of home buyers.

Situation #2: A customer just purchased new furniture, and now you need to replace the flooring. In many cases, grey flooring will look great with many different furniture colors and will be an easy color choice for homeowners.

Situation #3: A property owner has a rental property, and they need to get a lease signed. As with the first situation, the property owner will want the flooring is this rental property to be neutral and appealing to a large percentage of the people looking to rent.

Grey flooring continues to be popular because it is a neutral color that never goes out of style. You can purchase grey flooring in a solid grey color, or in many cases, you can purchase grey flooring in a multi tone grey pattern, that will also hide dirt and scratching. Grey flooring can also be purchased in light grey or dark grey.

Grey flooring can also do a wonderful job in making other room colors pop and look more vibrant. Black walls look great with grey flooring. Likewise, cream, beige and other natural colors work well alongside grey flooring.

Grey Flooring

What Type of Grey Flooring Are Most Customers Buying?

It really depends on which room a customer is renovating. Let's take a look at some of the most popular products, along with the rooms these products look great in, and perform well in:

Laundry Room/Mud Room

Vinyl tile and plank flooring is one of the most popular products in the floor covering world. Besides being scratch resistant, easy to clean, vinyl tile and plank flooring is waterproof. These qualities make this product a perfect fit for laundry rooms and mud rooms.


If you're looking for a hard surface floor (that is not vinyl plank), ceramic tile is a very popular floor for a kitchen space. Ceramic tends to be durable, easy to clean and can withstand that occasional water spill.

Larger size tiles, 16"x16" or 12" x 24" seem to be the most popular size for kitchens. Ceramic tile is an excellent choice to increase your home value.

Living Room/Family Room

Hardwood flooring continues to be a very popular option for families when remodeling their living room space. Grey flooring in hardwood has become a popular color option. Like ceramic tile, hardwood flooring is an excellent option to increase home value. Grey hardwood flooring provides a clean, fresh, modern look that attract many customers.

Grey Flooring


Carpet is still the king when it comes to bedrooms. There are many different styles of carpet. The multi-tone grey flooring continues to be the most popular color option. You can get carpet in all sorts of patterns, weights and grey shades.

Walk-In Ceramic Showers

Ceramic showers are extremely popular in both existing home renovations and in new homes. Ceramic walk-in showers add home value and are a huge plus when selling a home.

Customers shopping for ceramic will find a wealth of options in the retail stores and will notice a large percentage of the tiles are in the grey family of colors.

Grey Flooring

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Give Me Some Examples of Popular Grey Flooring Products...

There are many popular products that sell quite a few grey flooring items. Each flooring manufacturer has a product list of good, better and best products.

When shopping for flooring, keep n mind that not every store will sell the same products. In fact, most stores will go out of their way to sell different products from their competitors. Stores seek to create variety in order to get a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

When shopping, we always recommend that you visit stores with a plan in mind. We have a great article, "How To Choose The Best Flooring Store Near Me," that does a wonderful job of walking customers through the process of buying floor covering, and how to always get the best price.

If you don't have a plan of action, shopping for floor covering can be quite an overwhelming process. There are so many different types of products, samples, and colors, most people have no idea how to even start the shopping process.

As far as "best products" are concerned, we really cannot offer advice on the manufacturers to look at, or those manufacturers to avoid. We always recommend speaking with your local flooring professional and evaluating their product advice.

Grey Flooring - The Startling Truth About Popular Flooring Colors

Is Grey Flooring a Good Idea If You Have Pets?

Pets can be a challenge for flooring in the home. Homeowners with pets are all too familiar with having to clean-up that occasional "accident."

No matter what type of flooring is in a home (carpet, ceramic, vinyl plank, hardwood, etc..), pet owners should find flooring that is "pet-friendly."

Pet-friendly flooring is flooring that has scratch-resistant properties, for hard surface is waterproof, and for carpet has stain resistant protection.

Solid grey flooring is going to be more difficult to keep clean that a multi-tone grey floor. Solid colors will tend to show more stains and scratching.

When cleaning up pet accidents, it is always important to follow the guidelines of your manufacturer's maintenance procedures. You want to avoid using harsh chemicals, and any cleaning procedure that could damage the floor.

Lighter grey color flooring is going to hide scratch marks better than darker grey colors. Likewise, with carpet, the multi-tome grey flooring will hide stains better than solid grey carpet.

Should You Buy Light Grey or Dark Grey Flooring?

The type/color of grey flooring that you purchase will really depend on the other colors in your home. Shopping for flooring can be an overwhelming process. It is quite easy to get confused and frustrated when you start looking at all of the samples that stores have in their showroom.

We always recommend the following process when buying flooring:

Step 1: Understand your project goal, before you start to shop. For example, are you buying flooring to sell a home? Maybe you are remodeling a living room that you want to live in for the next 20 years. Is this a rental home that you want to find nice, but inexpensive flooring? You need to understand why you are remodeling, as well as what you expect from the project.

Step 2: Know your budget. Not only should you know your budget, but you should know how you are going to pay for the project. Will you be paying with cash, or will you be financing the project? It makes no sense in looking for $20 a square foot material, when you can only afford $10 a square foot.

Step 3: If you are having a store do the installation, schedule a free home measurement, so you can determine the amount of material that will be needed for the project.

Step 4: Explain to your store salesperson what your project is all about, as well as the budget you are looking at. Have the salesperson direct you to flooring displays that will fit within your budget.

Step 5: At the store, start creating a "maybe pile" of samples. Any sample that you like, pull it out of the display and put it in a pile. Once you get 10 or so samples, pick 3-4 of the ones you like the best, then take those samples home. The lighting in a store is going to be much different than in your home. Always take the samples home, before you guy. Once home, if you like one of the samples, you have a winner. If none of the sample's work, start the process all over again, until you find a winner.

Grey Flooring


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