34 fish recipes for Easter and beyond (2024)

Good Friday means good fish. From whole-roasted John Dory to beetroot-cured ocean trout, we have all the seafood dishes you need for Good Friday this Easter.

Mar 18, 2024 9:00pm

By The Gourmet Traveller team

Good Friday is for good fish, and for your Easter feast we have you covered from snacks through to sides of cured salmon and traditional Good Friday white fish recipes to boot.

To start, there's smoked trout pâté, perhaps, or Jacqui Challinor's delicious kingfish ceviche with avocado and finger lime. For an Easter showstopper, you could do worse than the impressive of beetroot-cured ocean trout. For some truly autumnal flavours, turn to cooking snapper fillet with mandarin and fennel sauce. Plus, our fancy riff on fish 'n' chips with baked barramundi and crispy potatoes is always a winner with a generous squeeze of lemon juice.

Looking for easy fish recipes? Check out Toby Wilson's fish taco recipe in the video above for a festive Good Friday evening.

Time to go fishin' - here are our best fish recipes to make (and eat) this Good Friday.

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Baked barramundi with pepperleaf mayonnaise

Photo: James Moffatt

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Hellenika's Corfu bianco with John Dory, potato, onions and lemon

Photo: Chris Court

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La Casita's whole barbecued fish with sour-orange glaze

Photo: Kara Rosenlund

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Sand whiting with caper and parsley butter

Photo: John Paul Urizar

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Pasi Petänen's potato dumplings with XO trout

Photo: Ben Dearnley

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Whole snapper with orange and pistachio sauce

Photo: Ben Dearnley

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Coral trout with saffron and Sherry-roasted onions

Photo: Alicia Taylor

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Sardine toasts with agrodolce

Photo: Chris Chen

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Jacqui Challinor's kingfish ceviche with avocado and finger lime

Photo: William Meppem

10 / 0

Guy Grossi's kingfish crudo

Photo: Ben Dearnley

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Smoked trout pâté

Photo: Alicia Taylor

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Pinbone's anchovy and tomato bruschetta

14 / 0

Bar Rochford's garfish with sauce chien and habanero

Photo: Mark Roper

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Grilled tuna salad with egg, asparagus and anchovy vinaigrette

Photo: Ben Dearnley

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Sean Moran's poached Murray cod with dill

Photo: Ben Dearnley

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Bodega's fish fingers

Photo: William Meppem

18 / 0

Flaked trout, blood orange and fennel salad

Photo: Ben Dearnley

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Phil Wood's baked snapper with pistou

Photo: Mark Roper

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Gemfish in vermouth sauce

Photo: Anson Smart

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Monique Fiso's grilled fish with herb dressing

Photo: Babiche Martens

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Giovanni Pilu's trout with white wine and rosemary

Photo: Con Poulos

23 / 0

Swordfish with agrodolce sauce

Photo: Anson Smart

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Rainbow trout with almonds, bacon and green beans

Photo: William Meppem

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Saint Peter's cured ocean trout, fennel crème fraîche and brioche toast

Photo: William Meppem

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The Summertown Aristologists's whiting with seaweed butter

Photo: Mark Roper

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Photo: John Paul Urizar

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Baked golden trout with roe

Photo: Ben Dearnley

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Barbecued whole fish with lemongrass and lime leaves

Photo: William Meppem

30 / 0

John Dory with herb butter

Photo: Mark Roper

31 / 0

Smoked ocean trout with beans, peas and mint

Photo: William Meppem

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Roast snapper with mandarin and fennel sauce

Photo: Ben Dearnley

33 / 0

Luca's steamed trout with seaweed butter

Photo: William Meppem

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One-pot baked fish and clams

Photo: Mark Roper

35 / 0

Grilled salmon chops with asparagus and lemon relish

Photo: Ben Dearnley

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Danielle Alvarez's slow-cooked ocean trout with peas, and Meyer lemon and fennel salsa

Photo: William Meppem

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Snapper with corn salad, burnt butter and shredded nori

Photo: Ben Dearnley

38 / 0

Frank Camorra's dorada al fondo con patatas (marinated whole snapper baked on potatoes and peppers)

Photo: William Meppem

39 / 0

Sugar and fennel-crusted kingfish

Photo: Alicia Taylor

40 / 0

Roast ocean trout with cucumber and preserved lemon salad

Photo: Ben Dearnley

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34 fish recipes for Easter and beyond (2024)
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